Anne Grebby

Notes on Recent Paintings

Painting’s a form of combat. It consumes you. You spend days resisting safe solutions. Time after time, the banal re-appears, often brought about by the basic craft of painting, the desire to make a surface which conforms to a perceived ‘norm’.

Meaning resides between the viewer and the viewed; therefore the painting has to be kept alive, long enough, at least, to prompt a reaction, without satisfying or satiating that same viewer’s expectations. Backwards and forwards – the image comes and goes-and you always know it can’t stay there like that…but you’re reluctant to accept the fact.

A heart on a table, protected by a transparent dome - I’m trying to avoid the symbolic and I’ve no intention to be provocative. I want this heart to be itself, the one and only, the essential organ.

Bread on the table. A text mixed with the dough and baked. Torn into pieces, the bread metamorphoses into mountain ranges. A figure leaps across them.

‘Tabula Rasa’
Referencing L’Ultima Cena painting, the table top Tabula Rasa floats on the water, preserving wine and oil stains.The overall equilibrium of the painting is sustained by the heart/sun/moon above.

‘countering the undertow’
An unexpected cloud formation lends a sense of security to an otherwise vulnerable group of people, living on their table-top beach, blind to the destabilizing undertow.

A.Grebby 26.02.2012