Anne Grebby

L’Ultima Cena : Refettorio Project, September 2011

I curated and participated in an installation of thirteen artists’ works, made in response to Fioravante Sansoni’s Last Supper painting in the Museum and Refettorio of San Michele in Pescia.

In my painting, ‘L’Ultima Cena – setting the table’, the twelve place settings invite the viewer to focus on bread crumbs, wine and oil stains, which may well have held the attention of the dinner ‘guests’ during the last supper. In times of evasion or dread of the inevitable, we might avert our gaze and stare blankly at a fixed point in front of us. The meal is over now and the guests gone, leaving the trace of their concentrated attempts to escape the imminent event which looms over them. (In Sansoni’s painting, an image of the crucifixion hangs above the head of Christ).  

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