Anne Grebby

zum horizon

Site-specific installation and performed painting. Artists Unlimited, Bielefeld, Germany.

Five rooms are interconnected, using a variety of media: prints, drawings, photographs, text, video and in the penultimate gallery, an ongoing performance.

The gallery space becomes the site of an investigation into ‘subliminal longing’. And the horizon is the object of that longing.

The viewers pass from room to room, through doorways which are lined with scrolls of text.

A roll of white drawing paper is suspended within a niche in one of the gallery walls. It extends across a high wooden table and falls to the ground. An almost invisible line is indented into it’s surface, and becomes a horizontal as it traverses the table surface.

It’s still only a model of the horizon, merely an object with a line engraved in it, in fact, it’s the absence of line.

In contrast, the performance site is full of substantial material substances, earth, and water.

Miniature clay brains are sculpted on the end of long wooden poles to become notional brushes.

They are then used to apply the same red clay to the gallery wall, again and again, in a futile attempt to complete the line of horizon. The clay dries too quickly, adhering to the ‘brain’ implement or crumbling away from the wall before any attempt at completing a horizon line can be made.



Finally, reaching the last room of the gallery, viewers are offered binoculars to examine an enlarged, suspended photograph of the sea, but the division between sea and sky is so ambiguous that the horizon can’t be found.